Fabric used for a custom tailored suit in Los Angeles, CA

Custom Tailored Suit in Los Angeles, CA

Every man, no matter his age, profession, or station in life, needs at least one good suit. For men in the professional world, a functional wardrobe that helps them to succeed in their work-related endeavors.

Despite their statues in society and at workplace, too many men have resigned themselves to wearing ill-fitting, poorly-made suits five days a week. This is no way to live.

Getting a suit made exclusively for you at Henry A. Santa Monica Bespoke suit creates an “A ha!” moment for our clients. We make made-to-measure and full custom suits and are thus able to offer price points to fit nearly any budget.

If you’re not clear on the difference between made-to-measure and custom, don’t worry. We explain the difference clearly at our free no obligation consltation, which is available also at your home or office at no extra cost or any obligation whatsoever.

When investing in any suit by Henry A. Davidsen, our clients can select the following, and much more:

  • Fabric (approximately 12,00 to choose from, including mills such as Zenith, Deda MMaior, Drago, Sartorial,Vital Barbreis Canonica, and many more)
  • Button Stance & Buttons
  • Lapel Style & Width
  • Lining
  • Contrasting Buttonhole Thread Color(s)
  • Flat-front vs. pleated pants
  • Cuffed or plain bottoms
  • Suspender buttons, belt loops, & fastening tabs
  • Personalized Name Label

It’s so easy, we can even do it over the phone or e-mail.

Wedding Tuxedos & Suits

If there’s a time in your life when you should look your absolute best, your wedding is at the top of the list.